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Executive Roundtable

2024 Committee Chair: Kelly Biggs

For more information, please contact Kelly Biggs at

Application for Executive Roundtable

What if you had a network of resources to help you navigate through the complex challenges you face each day as your company’s leader? Someone to help guide you through your finance questions, talent/workforce concerns, marketing issues, and operational challenges? You do in the Sandy Springs/Perimeter Executive Roundtable.

The Executive Roundtable is an exclusive association of dynamic business leaders, owners and primary decision makers that allows you to take your business to the next level. It is designed to provide participants with a confidential “Board of Advisors” that assist with challenges and opportunities. Each Roundtable is made up of 10-12 non-competing businesses and participants are requested to commit to attending monthly meetings.

With a focus on business leadership, the Executive Roundtable hosts insightful, informative and leading-edge educational meetings designed to reflect the culture of today's CEO. The need for small/medium size companies to interact in this format facilitates well-informed decision making that creates lasting and sustainable results for your business.

The Sandy Springs/Perimeter Executive Roundtable brings company leaders, directors and decision makers together for an invigorating exchange of information, ideas, and insights. Members meet in peer groups from non-competing companies. They delve into candid, solution-seeking discussions focused on a variety of issues, as well as the challenges that can arise from the pressures unique to top-level management.

This dynamic convergence of people, ideas and solutions results in:

• Better-informed decision making
• Creative and effective visionary thinking
• Heightened ability to anticipate trends and issues
• Increased profitability
• Enhanced personal satisfaction
• Relationships with depth
• Your very own informal Board of Directors
• An open, unbiased forum to share ideas and tap into a vast depth of expertise and experience

The Executive Roundtable group begins when 10-12 applicants commit to the program. An Orientation meeting is held at which point group members determine a monthly meeting date and time. The Executive Roundtable meets 12 times per year. Each member volunteers to host at least one meeting at his/her business. Refreshments are served (host is responsible for providing).

Membership is open to Sandy Springs/Perimeter Chamber Members and and the participant fee is $250.00 for the year. For more information or to send in a completed application, please contact Kelly Biggs at