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Rick Marlowe
Frequency Clinic
2315 Dunwoody Crossing
holistic, integrative medicine, PEMF Therapy


Rick Marlowe was born and raised in the busy city of New York and lived in the southern pace of Florida. As a true entrepreneur he’s held jobs in a very wide variety of industries including but not limited to restaurants, construction, dolphin training, photography, DJ, video production, children’s entertainment, retail, marketing and now operating his own businesses.

With an affinity for Health & Well Being, Rick is now an active participant in raising awareness for holistic and integrative medicine. As a council member and leader in the city of Sandy Springs he can be seen speaking at various events. Rick welcomes neighbors and strangers alike with a natural tendency to share healing and love with everyone.  

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Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber
Six Concourse Parkway
Suite 3300
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

Phone: 678.443.2990
Fax: 678.443.2993


6 Concourse Parkway 3300 Sandy Springs GA

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